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Vegetarianism Improving Digestion

Switching to a vegetarian diet can be a good way to improve one’s digestive health, as highlighted in a recent article by the Huffington post.

It isn’t mandatory to completely switch to a vegetarian diet to enhance your digestive health, a semi-vegetarian diet can also be just as beneficial. The key is to eat more fibre rich foods, for example fruits and vegetables. The foods that are high in fibre keep you full fore longer and also result in more regular bowel movements. This results in disease prevention, those with a vegetarian diet are 31 % less likely to experience diverticular disease according to research from the British journal in 2011.    

Improving your digestive health won’t just make yourself feel better on the outside but also benefit yourself on the inside, to read more visit the site below.


Doing Vegetarian the Right Way

An article published by the Gold Coast Bulletin highlighted how a number of people in the state and more than likely the country will be turning vegetarian as their new year’s resolution.  They believe most are doing it to combat post-Christmas weight gain, but going vegetarian the ‘wrong way’ can actually make your health worse off.

The article states that people may think that due to not eating meat and other animal products that they get immunity to all other foods, but replacing meat with chocolate, cheese and chips will in fact have a reverse effect and lead to worsening a person’s health.

To achieve the results that people in the New Year are after, a diverse diet full of vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes must be consumed. A lifestyle change can be difficult especially if meat is eliminated completely, it is advised to eliminate sections of one’s diet instead of going cold turkey on animal products. For more on the article visit the link below.




Changing to Vegan


A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald discussed how vegan diets are becoming more and more popular among Australia people, but the article also discussed how changing from a regular diet to a vegan diet can be difficult if not done properly.

In terms of diets paleo still leads when it comes to cook books, but the number of vegetarian and vegan cook books are on the rise. Kym Staton the founder of the Sydney Vegan Club reported in the article that around 200 new members are joining each month, this figure is double than the rate just 1 year ago.

But excluding all animal food (including dairy and eggs) isn’t and easy process, especially if done overnight. It can be very difficult cutting out certain foods cold turkey, as well as have negative effects nutritionally. The article suggested that going vegan more gradually is the best way to stick to a vegan diet. For example some people might stop having milk and switch to soy milk and might replace meat with soybeans or tofu. These changes are more gradual and also maintain sufficient nutrition. The article suggested that people who just completely cut out animal products from their diets are the ones who are more likely to fail at their change in diet.  

Substituting foods is a great way to ease into a different diet as well as maintain healthy nutrition. For more information on the article click on the link below.