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Live Stock and biodiversity

It is a well-known fact that the Australian population is growing, and with this growth resource production must grow to be able to provide for the extra people. Unfortunately this growth can negatively affect our environment and jeopardise sustainability. Livestock production growth is a main area of farming that is putting strain on our environment.

Studies have indicated that livestock production is a major cause of the world’ most pressing environmental problems, these include; land degradation, water and air pollution, global warming and loss of biodiversity. Research has shown that livestock pollution may contribute up to 18% of total greenhouse gas emissions, this figure is larger than that of total transport pollution.

Due to these large figure you may ask yourself whether the livestock production is worth the harm put onto our environment and our future. Luckily there are preventative measures that can be taken and there are better, more sustainable methods of livestock farming that can be done. These measures will be discussed in the next blog.