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A Vegetarian Christmas

With the Christmas and holiday period fast approaching many people have begun to plan how they will be celebrating, this planning generally revolves around food. For those who adopt a vegetarian diet this may be difficult due to wanting to satisfy others and themselves.

Fortunately there are delicious options available that can please everyone. There are currently various recipes available on our website they include the following more festive recipes.

Stuffing Filled Pumpkin:

A pumpkin with its seeds removed, the stuffing in the middle is made up from tofu, onion, carrot, parsnip, sweet potato, garlic, peas and herbs. All combined together and roasted for a perfect vegetable side dish. It is very healthy and easy to make.

Vegetarian Lentil ‘Meat’ Loaf:

A mixture of Australian Eatwell lentil burgers, onion and tomatoes combined with eggs and herbs and then baked. Cheese can be sprinkled on top and then baked for a cheesy top. A great meat substitute.

Vegetarian Turkey:

Firm tofu with a mixture of herbs as well as red onion, celery, mushrooms and garlic. A healthier chose that will attract both vegetarian and meat eaters.

For these recipes and more check out Australian Eatwell’s recipes page.


Wimmera Grain Store Supplier Blog:

Australian Eatwell products are distributed to many areas throughout Australia, but before the products are shipped they must be made and the proper ingredients must be gathered. Wimmera Grain Store is one of the suppliers Australian Eatwell use in order to produce their products.

Wimmera Grain store is located in the rural town of Rupanyup, it was founded by Jenny Matthews. The focus of the company is to supply the Australian domestic market with smaller sizes of their products, i.e. 25 Kg bags. The product comes from a family group of businesses who grown, clean, pack and market their own and their neighbours chickpeas and lentils.  The business operates by two people, Jenny’s role is the marketing of the product while her niece Dom runs operations.

The partnership began when Jenny saw Australian Eatwell products at Coles in Southland Melbourne and was impressed by the products Eatwell have to offer. From there she got in contact with Australian Eatwell and now the two regional companies work together. Wimmera Grain store currently delivers their product (chickpeas and lentils) approximately every 6 weeks to Australian Eatwell.

Both Wimmera Grain Store and Australian Eatwell are passionate about local produce and the promotion of regional brands and innovations. The partnership also promotes the regions primary production as well as sustainable farming in an area where it is mostly not.

As the Wimmera Grain Store works closely with the Wimmera Grain Co it adopts their quality control system which comes under the Australian Pulse Trading Standards 2013/14. They also have ISO 9001 and CODEX HACCP & GMP registration.

For more information on or to contact Wimmera Grain Store visit their website at;


Vegetarian Restaurants - Melbourne

There are many options for delicious meals that can be made at home if you are a vegetarian, this is supported by the variety of recipes on our website. But when it comes to wanting to dine out it may become more difficult. If you live in or visit Melbourne there are many options that can satisfy the needs of your diet.

Many modern restaurants do cater for those with a restricted diet, be it vegetarian or those who can’t eat gluten. But finding a restaurant that solely focuses on providing vegetarian and organic food can be difficult. Below is a diverse list of restaurants that you may want to try out next time you are in the city. 

Something Special:

-        Enlightened Cuisine: is a Chinese vegetarian restaurant located in Southbank. Everything on the menu uses mock meat made from soy protein.

-        Veggie Villa: this restaurant is 100 percent meat free and has a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes that cover many styles of cooking. Veggie Villa is located in Flemington

Something Easy:

-        Lord of the Fries: for those who enjoy something quick, for example their chip, vegetarian cheese and gravy. They also have soy chicken nugget, veggie burgers and veggie hot dogs. Lord of the Fries are located throughout Melbourne

-        Combi: located in Elwood, Combi café that specialises in both vegetarian and vegan options. They use almond, soy and coconut milk substitutes for their drinks as well as offer dishes such as their slow cooked lentil and vegetable soup.  

Something Sweet:

-        Five Plus Smoothie Bar: each smoothie offered is completely vegan and also contains your daily portions of five fruits and vegetables. The variety of smoothies offered have different ingredients as well as have different positive health effects.

For other vegetarian and vegan restaurants in and around Melbourne visit the following link;