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Soy Products – Supplier to Australian Eatwell

Australian Eatwell products such as our organic soy tofu and soy cheese use soybeans as a primary ingredient. For these products to be produced a provider of organic soybeans is needed, Soy Products supplies Australian Eatwell with the soybean products needed for production.

Soy Products is a family owned, financed and operated company located in Melbourne, in 1954 the company was purchased from Mr F. G. Roberts a renowned dietician and naturopath. The company consists of 8 employees that make up administration and the production departments (flour mill and blending operation).  

They source their products, which are mainly organic soybeans, from the Riverina and occasionally from Queensland. By sourcing their products close by they are able to contain freight costs. Soy Products are HACCP, Kosher, Organic Processors and AQIS Export Facility certified.

Australian Eatwell chooses to only use Australian grown organic soybeans to ensure organic integrity and quality, Soy Products only gets their soybeans from Australian which make them an appropriate supplier. 

The partnership between Soy Products and Australian Eatwell  began when Australian Eatwell acquired, on of Soy Products customers, Simply Better Foods.  Without the acquisition and relocation, Simply Better Foods would have ceased to become a product range to the vegetarian market. 

Now Soy Products delivers organic soybean products to Australian Eatwell monthly.  

For more information on or to contact Soy Products visit their website at;


Vegetarianism in Australia

Unfortunately Australia’s largest statistics organisation, The Australian Bureau of Statistics, has little information on the number of vegetarians in Australia. Despite the limited statistics about vegetarianism there is still information and polls that have been collected that can give us a rough indication of the situation in Australia.

A Pound of Flesh Poll:

In 2010 a phone survey was undertaken from a sample of 1202 Australian. The survey found that 5% of Australians said they were vegetarian while 1% said they were vegan. Of the 5% of vegetarians 3% said they sometimes ate meat.

One of the most interesting facts was 99% of people were against animal cruelty even though most of them ate animal products that came from cruel, intensive farming practises.

Sanitarium Vegetarian Study:

This study went more in depth with its figures and questions. It was conducted among 1200 Australian over the age of 18. The findings are below.

-        44% of Australians report eating at least one meat-free evening meal per week

-        2% of Australians report being vegetarian

-        18% of Australians said they preferred vegetarian meals

-        29% of Australians said they don’t eat vegetarian meals

-        The highest trend of vegetarian eating was in young Australians (18-24)

-        Western Australia agreed they were eating more vegetarian meals

-        Half agreed that it is hard to find a good variety of vegetarians meals when eating out

These two polls and others show that there might be more vegetarians in Australia then you think. Even though those eating meat still obviously outnumber those who are not, it is interesting to know that the number of people in Australia that are starting to eat one or more meat-free meals a week in rising.   


Natural Remedies Group Distributor Blog

Natural Remedies Group are a company who promote health by providing alternative medicines and functional food to various health care providers and practitioners across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.  Their company goals are to provide the best range of healthy and special needs foods to help improve the health of Australians.

Established back in 1993 NRG have grown to range over 5000 products, included in the products are a range of gluten free, wheat free and organic health foods.

Natural Remedies Group have 41 employees with various positions in the company. The Australian Eatwell and Simply better foods products they distribute are below;



Australian Eatwell Organic Burger (Chickpea/Cumin/Coriander)

4 pack / 400 grams

Australian Eatwell Organic Burger (Mixed Grain/Parsley/Thyme)

4 pack

Australian Eatwell Sausages (Tomato/Onion/Basil)

320 grams

Australian Eatwell Sausages (Chickpea/Spinach)

320 grams

 Australian Eatwell Mixed Vegetable Burger

500 grams

 Australian Eatwell Lentil Burger

500 grams

 Australian Eatwell Mediterranean Burger

250 grams

Besides Australian Eatwell products NRG also distribute a variety of other health foods as well as a range of therapeutics, personal care and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

The Natural Remedies Group distributes their products to various health food stores, pharmacies and independent supermarkets.

With the company distributing so many products NRG have a sophisticated quality assurance system that they follow.  For example all items are checked upon arrival of the warehouse, product rotation and date

management are in place and chilled goods dispatched on cold couriers and dry goods on dry couriers. The above ensures that all goods arrive to the consumer in top condition.

For more information on the company visit their website at For more information of the Australian Eatwell and Simply Better Foods product range contact Natural Remedies Group sales and marketing manager Emilia Foster-Spinelli at 0450 601 644. Or email at