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For Australian Eatwell products to be able to reach the consumer distributors of these products are needed throughout Australia to reach many regions. Eatwell uses various distributors, one of these is Devings Fine Foods located in Malaga in Western Australia.

The relationship between Devings and Australian Eatwell is relatively new but the business relationship between the Devings Sales Manager Serge Motroni and the Australian Eatwell Managing director Nathan Harris has existed for 15 years.

Seeing the relationship between the two companies is new there have only been a couple of deliveries made to Devings. At this stage in the relationship it is estimated that delivery of products from Australian Eatwell to Devings will be monthly.

Devings Fine Foods is a wholesale food distributor which was formed in 1995, in 1999 ownership was taken on by Mike and Sophie Croft and since then the company has steadily been growing and taking on more agencies from Australian manufacturers as well as European brands and manufacturers

In total Devings has 26 employees that have different roles for the company. These roles include sale representatives, administrative office and various ware house and storeman roles.

Devings distributes many Australian Eatwell and Simply Better Food products. Refer below



Eatwell Lentil/Veg Burgers

2 pack / 250 grams

Eatwell Mixed Veg Burgers

4 pack / 500 grams

Eatwell Organic Burgers (chickpea/cumin/coriander)

4 pack / 400 grams

Eatwell Sausages Chickpea/spinach

320 grams

Simply Better Organic Tofu

250 grams

Simply Better Soy Cheese and Chives

200 grams

Simply Better Soy Cheese Mild

200 grams

Simply Better Soy Cheese Omega 3

200 grams


Devings distributes these products to various companies, these include over 200 IGA’s and Foodworks and a mix of unfranchised supermarkets, fresh markets, gourmet shops and continental delis. They also provide products to a wide variety of hotels and restaurants as well as other distributors.

For more information on the company visit their website at For more information of the Australian Eatwell and Simply Better Foods product range in Western Australia contact Devings Fine Foods sales manager Sergio Motroni at 0449 206 603


Live Stock and biodiversity

It is a well-known fact that the Australian population is growing, and with this growth resource production must grow to be able to provide for the extra people. Unfortunately this growth can negatively affect our environment and jeopardise sustainability. Livestock production growth is a main area of farming that is putting strain on our environment.

Studies have indicated that livestock production is a major cause of the world’ most pressing environmental problems, these include; land degradation, water and air pollution, global warming and loss of biodiversity. Research has shown that livestock pollution may contribute up to 18% of total greenhouse gas emissions, this figure is larger than that of total transport pollution.

Due to these large figure you may ask yourself whether the livestock production is worth the harm put onto our environment and our future. Luckily there are preventative measures that can be taken and there are better, more sustainable methods of livestock farming that can be done. These measures will be discussed in the next blog.