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Jamie Oliver Cook Book

Daryl Warren - Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jamie Oliver the well-established celebrity chef has announced the release of a new cook book that focuses on vegetarian meals. His plan for the book is to help people establish a lifestyle that incorporates vegan and vegetarian meals on a weekly basis. In the book Oliver reveals that he personally tries to be vegetarian two or three times per week.

Through his experiences he has found that cooking vegetarian and vegan meals to be joyful, and that it gives him a good reason to cook with organic and more plant based foods. With the increase in vegetarianism and veganism there will be an equally large increase in the demand for relevant foods.

His closing statements about the new book are that vegetarian and vegan meals aren’t just great for your wallet but also for those who are environmentally conscious and those that love to cook. 

Visit Australian Eatwell’s recipe page if you are interested in trying out some of the vegan and vegetarian recipes. 

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