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Meat Free Mondays

Daryl Warren - Thursday, April 09, 2015

Meat Free Mondays

A newer trend catching on is ‘meat free Mondays’. Many people have begun to omit meat from their diet on Mondays, generally people are doing it to improve health and possibly lose wright, but there are also other benefits that result from Meat Free Mondays.

Helping the planet:

Livestock is a major contributor to many environmental problem, most notably greenhouse gas emissions, by reducing the amount of meat eaten and purchased the amount of greenhouse gas released into our atmosphere can be significantly reduced.

Saving Money:

The average price of meat compared to fruits and vegetables is significantly greater. Implementing a meat free day into ones diet can result in cash savings.

Reduce Animal Cruelty:

Many livestock animals are raised in small pens and cages and are subject to cruel acts. Their lives are also end with slaughter. Eating less meat is a step that helps reduce cruelty and suffering to animals.

If you are wanting to try out meat free Mondays and are having trouble with coming up with ideas for what to make check out the recipes page for some inspiration. 

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