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The Best Destinations for Vegans

Chloe x - Sunday, February 15, 2015

Those who adopt a vegan diet in Australia would have most likely established places to eat locally and possibly interstate when traveling. When it comes to eating when traveling internationally it may be a different story. Below are several of the best destinations to visit as a vegan.

in Taiwan more than 10 percent of the population are vegetarian due to the government initiatives and healthy eating promotion. Therefore vegetarian and vegan restaurants are easily found and at a discount price.

well known for their love of vegetable curries and other dishes mainly served with potato and rice. In the north of India there may be more dairy found in their dishes but this isn’t a problem in the south.

Most of the great vegetarian and vegan dishes from the Middle East can easily be found in Jordan. These dishes include mezze, hummus, baba ghanoush and many other vegetable and bean dishes.

Sri Lanka
A huge range of vegetarian curries usually served with rice can easily be found in Sri Lanka, as well as other vegetables not typically found in Australia such as breadfruit and gourds

Southern Italy
Generally in Italian meals cheese is heavily used but in southern area of the country vegetables often dominate the dishes. Delicious tomatoes, aubergines, chickpeas and Mediterranean vegetables are easily found.

many Ethiopians are Orthodox Christians and thus fast on animal products twice a week as well as on religious holidays, finding vegan and vegetarian meals in Ethiopia isn’t an issue. Also their national dish is a bread called injera which is vegan.

in the United States California (especially Los Angeles) paves the way for alternative meals. Vegan and vegetarian foods such as smoothie’s salads and other global dishes aren’t hard to find.

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