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The Vegetarian Butcher

- Monday, February 02, 2015


ABC recently did an article on their website that focused on Suzy Spoon the vegetarian butcher. Suzy whose parents owned an abattoir and large butcher shop in Sydney has taken a similar line of work but instead of selling animal products she crafts and sells vegetarian sausages, burgers and other choice ‘cuts’.

Suzy says while many vegetarians and vegans appreciate her services others are upset with her for using the word butcher. Spoon explains that ‘I make sausages, I make burger patties and schnitzels. I do the things a butcher does; I just don’t slaughter the animals’. Suzy after working on a chicken farm turned vegetarian and hasn’t eaten meat for 28 years.

Suzy now has loyal customers that travel across Sydney to dine in or take away her vegan and vegetarian ‘meats’. She is happy that she sells a different product to what her family business does. For more on the article view the following link.


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