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Daryl Warren - Tuesday, August 04, 2015

It can be difficult finding vegan products that can adequately and easily provide the required nutrition, this can be made a little easier now with Simply Better Soy Cheese now being vegan friendly. Extensive development has led to our cheese being completely lactose and dairy free as opposed to other cheeses that are only low in lactose.   

The development process has been a long and difficult one, starting when Australian Eatwell purchased the Simply Better Foods Business and relocated it to the Donald site. The main goal of the process was to remove the dairy casein from the soy cheese while keeping the same consistency and flavour of the original.

Thankfully all the hard work has paid off and the product is up to Australian Eatwell’s high standards. We believe the new Soy Cheese is the best on the market for vegans and unlike many other products offered on the market it is Australian Made.

Thanks to Drew and George must be made for their perseverance with the products development, our Simply Better Omega 3 Soy Cheese is a great example of what is to come in our range of vegan cheeses.   

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