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Vegetarian Diets and Children

Daryl Warren - Monday, March 30, 2015

People have different views when it comes to children’s diets especially if it excludes elements such as meat and or other animal products. But if done properly the dietary requirements of children can be met and healthy development will be achieved.

Due to protein being an essential element of muscle development and growth, a child with a vegetarian diet must find other sources of protein to sufficiently supply their body’s needs. Vegetarian foods that have a good source of protein include;

-        Dairy products

-        Eggs

-        Grains

-        Legumes

-        Pulses

-        And soy products

Foods with protein should be included in every meal to ensure the required protein is met. Children with vegetarian diets also have to be careful with the amount of fibre in their diets. Too much fibre can lead to poor absorption of important nutrients such as iron, zinc and calcium.

Young children also have high energy needs, to provide for their energy needs their diets should include a mixture of refined and unrefined cereals as well as dairy products, fruits and vegetables and oils.

With enough care a vegetarian diet can suit a child’s needs. The most important thing is to know what is needed for their development and to make sure their dietary requirements are being met. 

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