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Vegetarianism Improving Digestion

Daryl Warren - Thursday, July 30, 2015

Switching to a vegetarian diet can be a good way to improve one’s digestive health, as highlighted in a recent article by the Huffington post.

It isn’t mandatory to completely switch to a vegetarian diet to enhance your digestive health, a semi-vegetarian diet can also be just as beneficial. The key is to eat more fibre rich foods, for example fruits and vegetables. The foods that are high in fibre keep you full fore longer and also result in more regular bowel movements. This results in disease prevention, those with a vegetarian diet are 31 % less likely to experience diverticular disease according to research from the British journal in 2011.    

Improving your digestive health won’t just make yourself feel better on the outside but also benefit yourself on the inside, to read more visit the site below.

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