Australian Eatwell PTY LTD


  • Quinoa Tomato Onion & Basil
    We have taken convenience a step further! A balanced combination of spices and herbs infusing the quinoa during our cooking allows you to add a couple of handfuls of diced tomatoes and cucumber, half an avocado sliced, a drizzle of olive oil and cracked pepper. You have the perfect summer salad in minutes.
  • Quinoa Tri Colour
    A combination of red, white and black quinoa provides a very whole grain texture to any meal. Convenient and easy to use for an addition to any meal. Use in pilaf, curry, soup or salad. Great alternative to rice for stuffed baked capsicums.
  • Quinoa White
    Classed as a super nutrient rich food, loaded with protein, fibre, minerals and doesn't contain gluten. If you are looking to add quinoa into your diet yet have trouble in finding the time to bring out the pots to prepare, we have solved this problem for you!